• MidasPack park has equipment to produce high quality soft containers, as industrial packaging for various products weighing from 300 to 3500 kg

  • Maximum use of non-waste materials in our company has great ecological value

  • All products are manufactured packed in bales of 25 to 200 pieces that can most conveniently and with minimal costs to our customer to unload and store our products at the warehouse

Main direction

Manufacture and sale of soft polypropylene containers (bags of type “Big Bag”, its other name, soft container, flexible container, MC, ISS, um, ICE, FIBC, Big Bag) capacity up to 2000 kg, used for packaging , storage and transportation of bulk food and non-food goods, fertilizers, cement, dry mixes, chemicals, quartz sand, grain, animal feed, premixes, graphite, waste, powder, sugar, flour, etc.

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