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– Dynamic company and is interested in every client, enough flexibility to operate in all basic parameters of cooperation: PRICE, QUALITY, TIMING, DELIVERY.

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About Company

The company has managed to take its rightful place in the market in polypropylene containers Ukraine.

The company is equipped with modern equipment from leading European manufacturers for production of transport packaging.

We have introduced modern management systems that allow produce polypropylene packaging at short notice.


The main direction of our company

The main direction of our company is production and sale of soft polypropylene container (sacs of the “Big Bag”, its other name, soft container, flexible container, MC, ISS, MKM, ICE, FIBC, Big Bag) capacity up to 2000 kg, used for packaging, storage and transportation of bulk food and non-food goods, fertilizers, cement, dry mixes, chemicals, quartz sand, grain, animal feed, premixes, graphite waste, powders, sugar, flour and others.


The goals and objectives of the company

Long-term cooperation and loyalty to customers polypropylene packaging.

Focus on market leadership polypropylene packaging. Annually increase the share occupied the market of Ukraine and CIS countries.

Increase production through the introduction of new equipment, expansion product range of transport packaging.

Introduction of new technologies to reduce production costs and improve quality soft containers (FIBC).

Achieve competitive prices and the highest quality products at each stage its production cycle.

Focus on a full and timely response to the needs of each client.

Process approach in the production and manufacture of Big Bag (big bag), adhering to the principles of quality since the purchase of raw materials to delivery of products to customers.

Company mission

To satisfy market demand for quality polypropylene packaging using unique, comprehensive approach to every client.

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Today we offer soft containers for different characteristics:

Food industry

Mining industry


Processing industry


Chemical industry

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We offer a range of services

Development of packaging with “zero”.

Experienced engineers will calculate the soft container under your product with taking into account the bulk density of your material, the specific operation of the soft container, its storage and transportation.

Production samples Running Behiv for practical tests.

Products delivery to the door of the buyer’s own transport or by through the Services delivery.


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