MidasPack park has equipment to produce high quality soft containers, as industrial packaging for various products weighing from 300 to 3500 kg. Maximum use of non-waste materials in our company has great ecological value.

All products are manufactured packed in bales of 25 to 200 pieces that can most conveniently and with minimal costs to our customer to unload and store our products at the warehouse.

The key to the success of our products are:
Strict compliance with international standards and international norms. Guaranteed quality in the manufacture of flexible packaging guaranteed.
Quality control system implemented at all stages of the production cycle.
Operational calculation Big-bags with non-standard features.
Production capacities allow to produce prototypes of flexible packaging
Timely delivery to the door of our customers.
MidasPack includes:
production facilities
warehouse base
fleet of trucks for delivery
Skilled Workers
professional knowledge and rich experience in the soft industrial packaging